View your customer experience from the outside and in


Have you ever done an outside-in view on your company’s CX strategy? So many times, you think you are doing your outmost to boost the experience for your customers, but maybe you are doing the same things as before but just differently?

It is always a good idea to get external views, perspectives, and a different way of thinking to add to your own and internal ideas and strategies, this way you can get it all right.

By Torbjörn Hörberg, Customer Experience Expert at TM Group


The ever-changing world of customer service

Customer Service is always subject to change and the customers pretty much steer how and what we do in a contact center. We need to adapt to their ways of thinking and contacting us or optimize the channels we have chosen for customers to contact us, so they feel that they get superior service, even if the channels they prefer are not available.

We need to adapt and fit the work processes into the customers’ needs and desires, focus all our time on the most valuable interactions with customer.

Effortless interactions

It is a must-do to make the customer interactions effortless for both agents and customers. Unfortunately, too many companies focus solely on the customers, and tend to forget the agents, and that’s a shame. Don’t forget the agents, they are your window to the customers and in almost every case the deal-breakers and facilitators for how the customers feel about your company and whether they’ll return or not.

Agents Experience

Focusing on the agent experience will enhance the efficiency and performance of the agents, increase the time waste and the employee turnover, plus many other business impacts.

And when you get an outside-in view this should be recognized as well, look how their every day life is, and they work hard to fulfill your company strategy in the CX process!

Good strategies, but...

I see in a lot of companies that the strategies are good, but the processes that are in place to fulfill the strategies are not in line and streamlined.

The processes need to be on the same track as the strategy in order to solve the main purpose. A business-issue would be that a process is broken or too complex to handle, and then the answer I hear almost always is; more agents onboard!

This might be difficult to spot when you are looking from the inside-in with the same eyes as you have always been looking at it. Here the outside-in view is really a powerful tool to apply, because you catch the “little” things, that might turn out to be a turning point in the journey of optimizing the potential of your contact center, and customer and agent experience.

Internal IT applications

“We have the best applications to solve the customer and agent experience!” You hear that from your IT-department often, right? In most of the cases, when I investigate the application portfolio, it’s a mess and a mix of applications trying to complete the different processes, making the journey for the customers and agent not so effortless as it could be. Often the application portfolio is contradicting the purpose of your CX strategy, and this a destroyer. But to catch this problem, you need to have assistance from an expert within CX-applications with the broad know-how and deep insight to pin-point the roots of the problems.


Apply the outside-in approach and try to see your Customer Experience strategy from a completely new angle and perspective. Follow the journey of both customers and agents to find the gaps, pitfalls, and complexed processes not supporting your strategy.


Our CX expert would be happy to take an outside-in view on your customer and agent experience. Book him here!


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