What is the difference between RDA and RPA?

The definition of the difference between RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation) is quite simple. RDA runs with human interaction. And RPA runs without any human interaction. RPA, however, still need human input like strict rules, goals and pre-defined processes for it to follow.

The bots can run individually and still serve great purpose with fantastic results to show. However, for you to get the highest business-impact and the most out of your automation bots, you need to combine both and run them simultaneously.

Many automation applications out there focus on the more traditional version of the two automation bots, RPA. And you can get great results from RPA alone, but imagine the impact from combining RPA with RDA can do for your customer service agents, customer experience, brand reputation and business overall. Not only can your agents get live, accurate and speedy assistance from the RDA, back end tasks completed much faster with RPA, but you can also lower your inbound call volume with 25% in average by implementing and integrating online self-service for your customers.

Customer self-service is the icing on the cake

RDA and RPA in combination creates this beautiful cake of automation. The cake is very good, but it would be a much better cake, if you added icing (read: customer self-service). Enough with the metaphors. 

Self-service for customers comes in two shapes: IVR and chatbot. Both of them enable your customers to self-service online, and never having to call your customer service center.

With all three applications implemented and integrated into your business you unlock the full scope and capacity of Business Process Automation, expanding your customer experience, and providing your customers with an effortless interaction.

When you choose TM Group as your customer experience business partner, you get the full scope and capabilities of BPA. We believe the greatest business-value comes from bridging the three applications into one and integrating them into one another and your other current business applications.

We partner with both Jacada and NICE, who offer some of the world’s best BPA solutions. By partnering with us, you can choose freely between the two, and our BPA experts will integrate the applications perfectly into your business, so you can experience the extreme value they bring as soon as possible.

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