TM Group reinforces the sales team with Emil Holmberg

TM Group is pleased to welcoming Emil Holmberg as the newest member to the team. Emil will have his first day as the TM Group Sales Executive on January 4th, 2021.

The Group CEO of TM Group, Brian Hansen has nothing but praises for the new sales lead, and he is very optimistic about the future for the group as a whole and for the collaboration within TM Group with Emil now on the team: “We have been very impressed with Emil’s qualities from previous position, and the mindset he possesses is just in the TM Group way of thinking.” Brian continues: “Emil knows where we want to take this company and how we want to get there, and he is one hundred percent invested and focused. We are all very excited to step into the new year.”

Emil comes from a long background in sales, and with most of his experience being from positions at Thomson Reuters, which later became Refinitiv. For the last 12 years Emil worked with professionals in the financial/risk markets in Northern Europe providing them with the intelligence, technology, and human expertise they need to navigate the rapidly changing financial landscape. The principal focus has been to assist banks and corporate treasury clients. Emil has spent significant part of his career in Thomson Reuters, later to become Refinitiv, selling their very wide portfolio successfully to existing and new logos.

Emil is a native Swedish speaker, but is fluent in Danish, Norwegian and of course English.

"TM Group is looking at an ambitious 2021, and we need dedicated, focused, and skillful people at every position, to meet the goals we have set out for ourselves. We believe we have a fantastic set of solutions to offer multiple verticals, and that is what we will working on bringing to the market." Chief Commercial Officer, Carsten Kruse Nielsen excitedly says.

The star attraction himself has this to say about his new adventure as a Sales Executive at TM Group: “I am very excited to take on this new challenge at TM Group. The welcoming has been amazing, and I really look forward to working together with all of the skillful people at TM Group to grow our business. I am also honored that you have placed your trust in me, and I will do all I can to make this a success.”


On behalf of the whole TM Group across all borders we welcome you to the team, Emil!


Emil’s contact detail is the following:


E-mail (from January 4th, 2021):

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