TM Group partner Shield launches INSIDERS solution that detects insider trading behaviors

TM Group partner, Shield have just launched a new solution called INSIDERSTM. This new solution meets the requirements for enhanced surveillance, which answers market demands for greater surveillance to accompany increased remote working in the new normal.

Shield’s INSIDERS solution considers all the intricate and complex details of Insider Lists*, making accurate and reliable deductions through an automated approach that understands the jargon, slang, and warning signs of potential market abuse. Because of its unique integrated approach and accuracy, it also greatly reduces the chances of time and resource-consuming false positive alerts.

The Shield INSIDERS™ solution is unique, having not only been built around the use of Lexicons but also combined with powerful AI, to provide a highly accurate integrated approach


Shiran Weitzman, CEO and Co-Founder of Shield says,

The new normal is a challenging time for the entire financial industry, but Shield’s solutions ensure that companies have a full view of all interactions, which enables safe and compliant remote working and allows a business to thrive and grow, rather than falling foul of the regulations.


Available in all Nordic languages

With the new Shield solution, surveillance of the e-communication and Insider Lists can be done in all Nordic languages and is adapted for the Nordic market. INSIDERSTM has included all the complex details there is in the Insider Lists, which creates a reliable automated approach to alert on potential market abuse and inside trading.


Read more about eComms Surveillance here


* Insider lists are lists managed per a deal a bank is working on and it includes the list of employees that share the inside information, what the system is doing is to verify that employees listed on the insider list are NOT communicating on details related to the deal with users that are not listed on this same insider list. 



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