TM Group launches a new and modern website

TM Group has embarked on a new journey. To fully support this journey and transformation, a new website was required. We are proud to announce and present our new and modern website.

It’s the face of our brand identity and the showroom of the value we bring, and the solutions we offer to our customers. The new website marks the beginning of the journey, we embark on as a company and team.

The new TM Group website has been developed by a team of dedicated and skilled mindsets, with several actions points in mind. Customer experience, design, intuitiveness and functionality have all played major parts in the process of creating this whole new website.

“Our new website is the brand identity, and reflects who we are. The look-and-feel of the website is very important, and therefore a great effort has been put into finding the right design for the website, “ says Mikkel Møller Bjørklund, who is the Director of Sales and Marketing at TM Group. Mikkel also adds, “Our customers and employees have been key to the success of the business and are the reason why we now have +20 years of experience packed with solid and long-lasting customer relations. By launching this new website, we further emphasize the customer centricity approach and commitment we have, and take it to a whole new level.”

The website shows our solutions, which include compliance, customer experience, trading floors, and control rooms, and value proposition in a much better way than it did before. You can easily and fast get an overview of TM Group as a whole.

From the menu bar, you’ll also be able to find information about our customers, what we have done for some of them, and what they say about us.

You can also check out our partners. We are system integrators, and that means that we work with a lot of global and market-leading vendors, who develop best-in-class technology solutions, and leave it in our expert-hands to customize, integrate and support the solutions.

You can also have a read through our new content section called news, events & blog. In here you’ll be able to find news regarding TM Group and our partners, upcoming events and educational articles, where some of them also include videos.

To show that we are proud of who we are, what we do and where we come from, the “about”-sections has been expanded massively to now include careers, the management team, some of our employees, history, FAQ’s and much more.  

Mikkel Møller Bjørklund adds: ”I’m very excited about the new journey. The recent hiring, and the initiatives we take, such as the new website, emphasizes the commitment, and the belief we have in our own future, and the value we can bring to the customers. We truly hope you like our new website”.

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