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Get this! Are you working in a contact center, call center or something similar that has just the slightest to do with the experience you as a brand provide for your customers, then this is an offer you want to look closer at!

TM Group has just launched a new FREE offer for all working with any form of customer experience. You now have the chance to book our very own Customer Experience Subject Matter Expert, Torbjörn Hörberg for one hour, where you’ll have the chance to pick his brain and talk about the challenges your organization is facing when it comes to customer experience.

Unique consultation with an expert

Torbjörn has a long experience working in contact centers, and with customer service and experience. He is also on an expert-level when it comes to automation solutions within an organization, like RPA, RDA, and customer self-service. You can read more about Torbjörn here, or see the video, where he explains a bit about himself.

Torbjörn has the following to say about the new offer: “I love what I do and are extremely keen on helping everyone I can. Very few brands out there are maximizing the potential they have when interacting with the customers and creating the experience that will result in loyal and higher-paying customers. And let’s not forget the experience a company provides for its agents, that is extremely important as well.” He then adds: “I really hope to see many of you on a Teams, Skype, Zoom, or whatever platform you choose in the near future.”

This is a rare opportunity and not something you can find many places. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, and book Torbjörn for your tailored and FREE customer experience consultation now!

We're all about adding value

Carsten Kruse Nielsen, the Chief Commercial Officer for TM Group, has this to say about the new offer: “I am all about adding value to our current and potential customers, and with the free CX consultation with Torbjörn, we emphasize what it means to be a customer with TM Group, and what kind of value you can expect to experience.” As a closing statement he then continues: “We have an amazing customer experience expert and asset in Torbjörn, and I know he can bring the customer experience to a whole new level for a lot of companies out there , don’t be among the ones that miss out!”


Check out the FREE CX offer here!

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