Kenneth Saxtorph Frederiksen is the new Sales & Marketing Coordinator for TM Group

For many years TM Group has been doing business the way we have always done and relied on solid and good business relationships and networks. However, now it is time to upscale the effort.

And how we upscale is now in place. As per March 1st, 2020 we have hired a new Sales & Marketing Coordinator to take us to a whole new and untapped area for TM Group so far. Say hello to Kenneth!

Kenneth comes from a long background in marketing and is more than ready to take a crack at the future marketing strategy at TM Group. Kenneth, himself, has this to say: “It is an extremely proud and exciting moment for me. This job as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator for TM Group is my dream job. I have always been keen on working at a tech company, and to do so at a company like TM Group is in itself motivating for me. I bring a solid combination of strategy, leadership, and operational skills to the table, and look forward to bringing it all into play.”

Besides being the main driving force of all marketing initiatives, Kenneth is also going to be supporting our Director of Sales, Mikkel Bjørklund, in coordinating daily sales activities. Mikkel adds to the hiring of Kenneth: “TM Group has an enormous growth potential lying at our feet, and therefore it is mission-critical to have someone like Kenneth on the team, to drive marketing activities and combining all of our sales efforts into one with marketing.” He further adds, “I am extremely excited to get Kenneth on board and would like to encourage everyone in joining me and the rest of the TM Group team in welcoming Kenneth.”

Welcome to the TM Group team, Kenneth!

You can reach Kenneth on or find him on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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