How to remove PC-generated heat and noise from the control room / office space

Noise and heat in any control room, trading floor or office space can quickly become a negative factor of illness, low efficiency among the staff, and just a poor work environment. Therefore, it is vital that you keep this in mind when designing your workspace and control room.

By Mikael Bergqvist, Control Room Expert at TM Group


Control rooms often require many PC’s, screens, video walls, employees and other components that generate noise and heat in the room at the same time. When working in a control room you are exposed to both physical and psychological stress though out your workday. You have multiple screens to keep an eye on, powerful PC’s that handle many applications and features which you’re required to operate and navigate, flashing lights, video walls, etc. All this requires the staff to turn their heads and entire bodies, being exposed to the light from different computers and screen, hurting the eyes. The result from this can be business-critical and vital for some parts of the business, because an unfocused control room operator can be very costly if the timing is bad.

A solution to the problem

Remove as many aspects impacting the employee negatively as you can, to create the most optimal work environment for all employees.

With IP- distribution KVM platform controlled via a Multifunction keyboard or touchscreen combined with a standard keyboard can you access your individual sources and applications from a PC located in a cooled and secured server room/data center. No limitation of screens or sources. User have free seating for optimal flexibility. Put any source on any chosen screen – all in real time switching.

The distribution environment can also be use in DR scenario or redundancy, all 3rd party system/functions can be integrated to get a homogeneous workplace with ergonomic perspective for the operator, all this can also be combined with big screens for observation such a videowall with attached graphic controller to have the content optimized.  

Remove all PCs and other information sources from the desk, and house it in an air-conditioned and centralized system and server room, where they’re cost-effectively maintained and secured.

Benefits of locating the PCs in a separate server room

  • Elimination and complete removal of all PC-generated noise, heat and electromagnetic emission in the office space
  • More physical space in the office
  • Up to 16 PCs can be controlled using a single standard keyboard and mouse, as you know them, if you use the additional USB KVM-switches
  • Real-time and high-speed IP transmission from source to screen
  • Independent from all your other software and platforms
  • Ensures data security
  • Protects IT assets as the server room is locked away, and only certain employees have access
  • Integrate your video wall. That way everything runs within the same circuit

You must try the end-result before fully realizing that you need to remove all PC-generated noise and heat from the workspace, and when you’ve first tried it, you will never go back.

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