How to improve the collaboration between the staff in the contact center

In a contact center the agents rely on many different systems to complete a single customer interaction. Sometimes a contact center agent also replies on his/her co-workers and colleagues. But how do you create the best collaborative environment for the agents on-floor, the supervisors, and the rest of the organization?

Our answer is to integrate your internal communication application, like Microsoft Teams, into your main contact center platform. This is not the only thing, but we believe it is the most important thing when you look at the modern day and the new normal which includes more remote working than before the landmark year of 2020.

By Torbjörn Hörberg, Customer Experience Expert at TM Group


What is a contact center platform?

A contact center platform is an online software everyone in the contact center accesses every day, which is essential to the operations of the contact center in whole and to the individual agents. The contact center includes multiple functions, some more than others, but take NICE inContact CXone Customer Experience Platform as an example:

CXone includes interaction and customer analytics, omnichannel routing, workforce engagement, AI, automation, and is cloud based. When a contact center invests in CXone, which is fully scalable by the way, it offers one single platform for each contact center employee to navigate.

What is an internal communication application?

An internal communication application is an application or software the employees in an organization uses to communication with each other – and not the customers.

Extend the communication applications to the contact center platform, and get clear benefits

To find a contact center in the Nordics not using an internal communication application is extremely hard, if not impossible.

Fact: Microsoft Teams now has more than 75 million daily users worldwide. More than several hundred of thousands of businesses have chosen to use Microsoft Teams to collaborate internally in the organization. This means that so many contact centers are using Microsoft Teams as well.

As a contact center – both with remotely working and on-prem agents – you should be focusing on the collaboration and interconnectivity between the agents and supervisors and managers, and how to enhance it. If you are not already using an internal communication application like Microsoft Teams, get started! On the other hand, if you are using one, extend it to the contact center platform, and see great results.

Here are three key benefits of integrating your internal communication application with your contact center platform

1.      Expertise from anywhere at your hands

As a contact center agent, you often need input from experts in your organization to answer customer inquiries. By integrating the internal comms app with the CC platform, you never have to leave the platform when seeking answers from people inside your organization.

Of course, the agents are trained to handle every customer interaction themselves, but sometimes a unique inquiry comes in, and the agent needs to act fast and on his/her feet. This could be a back-end access to adjust an account, or the need of a unique set of skills.

It is important to stretch here, that the number of emails between contact center agent and others internally should be reduced, when needing a quick reply. Emails delay the resolution time and increases the customer’s frustration. Make sure to connect all subject matter experts (SMEs) to your contact center, so the agents can access the employee knowledge base quickly and easily, while keeping the customer engaged and happy.

2.      Increase the First Contact Resolution (FCR)

FCR is a standard KPI for all contact centers – or at least it should be. It measures the percentage of interactions which was resolved within the first contact. It indicates how skilled and efficient your contact center is and can help you identify areas to invest further. This could be that the systems at their disposal are not providing the optimal output, that the agents are not skilled enough, or something third.

When your internal comms app and CC platform are integrated and connected you make sure that the agents can reach the right and the available people at any given time during business hours.

3.      Agent productivity skyrises

The user experience – in this case the user is the agent – will be widely improved and simplified with an integration between the CC platform and internal comms app.

There is no more need to “Alt+Tab” between the two apps/platforms. Now the agents can stay in the CC platform to communicate with internal co-workers.


The NICE inContact and Microsoft Teams integration

TM Group offers the NICE inContact CXone Customer Experience Platform to all Nordic contact and call centers, and with it comes a pre-built integration that empowers company-wide collaboration. TM Group only chooses to partner with the best in the game, and we have chosen the NICE inContact CXone Customer Experience Platform due to the endless integration possibilities, scalability, and strong, worldwide partnerships like the one with Microsoft, that makes this integration efficient and reliable.


Want to talk about the CXone possibilities? Reach out today!

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