Future control room trends

The world is evolving – perhaps more now than ever before – and the control rooms and command centers are evolving with it. The command and control rooms in the world must comply with regulations constantly being updated, changed, substituted, and discarded, keep safe from the ever-changing threads posing a vital risk, keep up with the technologies that rule the world and the behavior of the people, on top of lots of other things.

By Mikael Bergqvist, Control Room expert at TM Group

So how do we and our partners view the future of the control rooms? Here are 4 trends for the future.

Is the cloud on the verge of a breakthrough?

With anything new also comes new risks, and control rooms don’t tend to be among the first to jump on the revolution-wagon to test something out. This is also the case for cloud-based solutions for the control rooms.

It is usually like this: The control rooms often let all other industries test out new technologies, like the cloud, before going for it themselves, to get rid of all the potential risks, mistakes, bugs, and errors. A control room is a highly secured and restricted area of a business – with good reason – and therefore, it is needed to be kept as secure and controlled as possible.

With cloud-based solutions comes a greater scale of flexibility, with better possibilities for those who wish to work from home.


Mobile broadband and radio command

There is still room for both radio command and the mobile broadbands in the industry. Mobile broadband is segregating into Mission Critical and OTT broadband solutions, which both have good benefits and features. Will we see one taking off compared to the other? Our prediction is yes, the mobile version, but not any time soon.


Bye-bye to telephones and fixed mobile radios, and hello to dedicated hardware console devices

Many still see the dedicated hardware console devices as a vital part of their control room and the integrated solution together with web client, PC, and android/iOS. Many are also starting to replace the telephones and the fixed mobile radios located on the operator’s desk and start using the integrated solutions in the dedicated hardware console devices.


Greater interoperability, and less siloed infrastructure

Siloed infrastructure is sunsetting, and a much greater level of interoperability is sky rising. The market is requesting this new way of thinking, raising the demands for the solutions providers, the vendors, the manufacturers, the consultants and the operators themselves. With interconnectivity and interoperability comes faster and more accurate responds to alerts and notifications etc., less friction, and much greater efficiency, so it makes sense to go for this solution.


Would you like to learn more about these future changes and trends within the world of control rooms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on mb@tm-group.com

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