BPA Talk - Part 2: How to deflect inbound call to customer self-service

It is all about optimizing, and being more efficient, when you get encounter a stressful, ground-changing or difficult period. If you experience an increasing volume of inbound inquiries from your customers, you will really benefit from watching this video.

Our Customer Experience SME, Torbjörn Hörberg, lets you in on how you can deflect a large amount of your inbound customer inquiries to online customer self-service. By doing this, you actually give the customers what they want. What do we mean by that? In this video Torbjörn explains how many percentages of your customers prefer online self-service, if a solution like that is provided for them. It might be much higher than you think.

Note: Before you watch this video, take a second to think about the situation in your in your customer service center. Are you overloaded with customer interactions, or have your ever been? If so, how are you handling it?

As this is the second video in a series of three, don’t forget to watch the first one, where Torbjörn dives into Business Process Automation, and why it is business-critical. Watch it here.



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